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  • Getting your company
    Growth Hackable
    The pillar that allows the start of actions and conversions is based on how the user experience or UX to interact with the skills of the brand, the genres rather than the results are favorable. You get the ability to convert users or visitors, in communities.
  • Strategic Calendar
    The systematization of a calendar in cycle mode will allow to constantly evaluate and control the activities regulated chronologically for any entrepreneurial project, because of more than a habit, we create an administration of our management to be verified and restructured in each new cycle.
  • Spying Your competitions
    A domain with tools and techniques based on an espionage of the competition not to replicate or imitate, but to improve and update what are the market trends to present an innovative and valuable element.
  • Customer Journey
    Acquisition of visibility increased positioning and traffic gain through methods and techniques that manage content, internal and external links, keywords, the semantics of these, information architecture and more. Keyword analysis of competitors and their positioning.
  • Keyword strategy
    The strategy in keywords consists of an identification of those that represent the brand or service to then generate valuable content, which nourished experiences, will then allow positioning based on said terms or search words, in order to acquire traffic oriented to the keywords that have been defined.
  • Explainer Video
    Creation of simple, basic videos with high-quality graphics, because in this way audiovisual contents are generated that have a high impact on users because they will acquire in a practical way necessary information for them.
  • Angry Customers bots
    Keeping track of what is said about the campaigns and projects on the Internet is important, so bot management is important to be aware of all comments or content of the brand that are not controllable, but verifiable and Manageable if they are identified in time. The important thing of this management is to apply it to the competitors of the brand.
  • Business Cards
    The perfect business card to represent the identity of the brand must take into account: what the brand or service, colors, titles, slogan, company name and an action call. All these values ​​are structured in a logical and simple way.
  • Logo
    Recreating the first impression of your company on the Internet is important, and even more so when you define your brand identity and the degree of visibility that this can generate in terms of the impact of a logo.
  • Branding and corporate identity (colors)
    By understanding the concept and purpose of a brand, you have the possibility to create a branding where the colors, tones, typographies, colors, styles and concepts are integrated in a suitable way to be applied in infographics, banners, videos, ebooks, etc.
  • Marketing Archetypes
    Defining the archetypes of the marketing strategy allows understanding the root and the pillars that define the direction of a brand in the digital world. Define them, is not managed by words, but with ideas that allow them to be executed in marketing campaigns.
  • Customer Validation Campaign
    Validating what they say about brands by customers is important when controlling and managing such interactions, so the community should be given the opportunity to carry out this task in which visibility and promotion with the best advertising: customers.
  • Conversion Optimization
    Conversions are based on user actions with the contents or messages of your brand, so the management of these will be based on: affiliate link, home architecture, pop-ups, chat, contact page, videos, etc.
  • Email Marketing
    An email marketing campaign extends far beyond what is a convincing copy. Design, structure with templates, incorporation of elements such as computer graphics and videos allow us to incite a click that redirects towards conversion. And it all started with a flashy title mail tray.