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Think Big, Act Small

4Geeks Cobuild Lab

Think Big,Act Small


Is the process of transforming an idea in a sustainable business, through the combination and collaboration of the areas of Lean Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Technological Innovation and Exponential Growth

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    Plain and simple: Don’t offer what people doesn’t want. - Idea Validation: (Technical and Economical) - Market Validation: (Estimation and Competitors Analysis) - Value and Growth Hypothesis
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    It’s time to build!. In this phase we combine a multidisciplinary team to actually build the idea. - Prototyping - Customers Archetypes - Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - Live testing - A/B Testing - Product Market Fit - Value and Growth Hypothesis (Again)
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    Close the Circle

    A very important step. Here we make sure that the idea has every detail that is needed for been available to transform effectively: Identity, purpose, values, and the correct tools for launching are the main purpose of this step. - Branding - WebSite and Social Networks - Strategy
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    Congratulations! We have proved to bu a sustainable business with a healthy growth rate. It’s time to accelerate. At this point our business strategy and marketing strategy must be on the right track, so it’s time to create a High Impact. - Growth Hacking: Short-Term Exponential Growth

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4Geeks Cobuild Lab is a technological entrepreneurship accelerator, focused on optimizing the transformation of ideas into profitable businesses with exponential growth techniques for entrepreneurs and businessmen

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